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Chiropractic and Pediatric

Every baby needs to have a healthy spinal column. The spine is the framework that will support your child throughout his or her growing years and adulthood. Studies have shown that newborn infants often enter the world with spinal trauma and stress due to the birth process. Even under the best conditions, birthing can be…

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Knee Pain

Have Your Knees Become Victims? In the beginning, when our knees start to hurt, we figure they’ll get better on their own. And, sometimes, they seem to. But what if knee pain keeps coming back or seems to switch from one knee to the other? Right away, we think we should go have our knees…

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Health Tips

If you have temporary nagging back pain that is from over exertion or it’s just plain stiff, try this: Lie on your back on the floor with a tennis ball under the spot that is sore and move your body slowly around on the ball to massage this certain area. This is just a relaxation…

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