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About Our Clinic

TLC Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center features a multi-disciplinary, and cooperative approach to the establishment and maintenance of wellness (health) and prevention of injury via personal care and group/individualized educational programs.

The following programs are presently available:

    • The Healthy Back Program – A graduated program (agenda) of daily, gentle exercises designed to eliminate accumulated stress on the spine and encrease flexibility and strength. It is 4, one hour classes/
    • Productive Eating – A nutrition lifestyle, recommendations for nutritious food choices and food-combining to reduce unhealthy accumulations with the body and thus to maximize energy and obtain a healthy body weight. It is 2, one hour classes
    • Positive Attitude – Positive thinking and beyond, outlines specifically the “how to” of positive communication with oneself and with others in one’s work environment. Self-management for peak performance. It is 2, one hour sessions, at management’s request – no charge.

In addition, TLC Sports Rehabilitation Center, features a unique and highly specialized Weight (training) Education Program on the premises.  Our expertise in the area of ergonomics, Kinesiology and Athletic Training allows us to design and facilitate proper weight training appropriate for the needs of each individual.  The staff at TLC Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center have a commitment to excellence, from personal care to group programs.